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Things You Learn As a Ride-Share Driver In LA

Uber Driving Experience Lyft Ride Sharing Driver

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So I decided to join two ride sharing companies who shall remain nameless for the sake of “privacy” as driver to earn side income and relieve some of the stress of running a my practice.

I live a very interesting life, muhaHAHAa! No really, I do.

You learn a couple of things:

“I’ve already gathered 30 million in investments.”

“Hey why wait for some guy when there are 20,000 dicks around?”  (Trrying to recieve advice with a past lady friend)

“Man it’s crazy I have blood on my shirt.”

“Bro, where are my buttons? The buttons on my shirt are missing.”


“I’m on my way to a threesome.”

“Man, things have changed”

“I Remember when downtown used to be a shit hole.”

“My good friend died two days ago.”

“L.A. is the place to be.”

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