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“The Question To Ask Is What Are You Becoming?”

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Gotta love Jim Rohn, yes I’m one of the many who has jumped on the Rohn bandwagon looking for pearls of wisdom to help along this journey. There’s a few views we may not see eye-to-eye (religious mainly but respect to each in their spiritual journey) but for the most part his wise words can be life changing. What are you becoming? I was becoming angry, bitter, upset, disappointed, outraged, and cluttered brained. I was losing dedication to the patients, to my clinic, to myself. But that phrase has the ability to put everything back in order.

The question on the the job is not what are you getting. No, the question on the job is what are you becoming?

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The Dilemma of Food Shopping in 2016

Healthy Foods bought at regular supermarket

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Shopping in 2016 can be quite of a difficult task at times. Of course you want to choose from the healthiest options available. Lets face facts though, if you care about your health then you should be willing to pay extra for the foods that will keep you healthy. However it doesn’t make sense for consumers to pay $10 for a head of organic lettuce (just being. I mean, you can, but eventually individuals such as myself will try to find more reasonable options.

My search for lunch inspired me to write this post. I’ve been living a hectic lifestyle and shopping has been a difficulty task to complete. Making meals has been a difficult task to complete. To do it the right way is a difficult task to complete. But I need to show my patients everyday how to survive and make the right decisions amidst difficulty.

Why is this important? Because research is changing, and we now know more about the types of foods we are consuming on a daily basis. You can’t just pick up a loaf of white bread with bologna and expect to survive on hot pockets all day. Like Jim Rohn said, reasons will change your life. Reasons why we should stay healthy, reasons why we should eat high quality foods. Most people want to live a healthy and happy life. That is a good reason. A happy, healthy, less worrysome and more abundant life, to be exact.

Broken Piggy BankThat is the keyword here, REASONABLE. It can sometimes be difficult to put together a meal that is nutritious, organic, and within a reasonable price range of your budget. So I went to the store today to pick up a few things and gave me some insight into shopping for groceries of 2016.

So on my lunch shopping break I picked up ingredients to make a sandwich and a salad. No Sprouts in the area, no whole foods, no Trader Joes, Farmers Market is 4 days away and they just closed down the local Ralphs. So my options a little limited, but not futile.

So I go to another big chain supermarket to pick up a few things in hopes that I could create a lunch for myself. I’m feeling the sandwich jingle.

Non-GMO bread? Got it.

Organic Mayo made with cage free eggs? OK now it’s a start

Romaine and red leaf lettuce? For my sandwich, for my salad. How could I live without it…didn’t like the organic produce so I went conventional and threw up a prayer.

Picture of Angels Praying for Food

Crutons? Had some wonton strips at home I bought from the previous day. But unsure of quality of ingredients and also contains sodium benzoate preservative (which I didn’t see until after, forgot to read the package.) I’ll just grab a bag of organic blue chips…

Sandwich meat...this time I grabbed sliced deli meats. I don’t like processed deli meats, just making an exception this one time since I don’t see any other cooked meat options. Ok I was at least able to find something without Nitrates. Didn’t have enough time to cook up a free range chicken breast which is actually my first option.

Certified humane grass fed cheese…A little cheese in moderation.

So I was able to put together this sandwich and salad meal for a reasonable price, about $15-$17 for everything.

Once big chains can provided more organic produce it will become more accessible in the mainstream.The more selection, the better.

I think the key is that you have to make the best choices with what you have. Know there are options and yes you may need to look around to find “the good stuff”, you know food of good quality made for human consumption.

Photo Img credit: 1st flikr cc, 2nd flikr cc (

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I Needed You To Believe In Me But Now I Believe In Myself (M)

Picture of Confident Boxman

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Before I needed approval. Mom, dad, siblings, friends. I needed social acceptance, I longed for connection from friends and a loving companion, and I found it.

Now I look for approval and acceptance in myself.

It is a long journey to get here and I’m still traveling, but very relieved that I started.

Where did it all stem from? Family pressure? Sociatal influence? Being pulled passed the tipping point only to survive and have time to reflect back? Seeing the greatness deserved slipped and taken away because of lack of confidence? Paa-lleeaassee.

Think about all the times you’ve stood out for doing what you were suppose to do or doing the right thing. Especially the times where there wasn’t an award or incentive, you just did it because you just wanted to do well.

I rememeber my sixth grade english class. I remember the class became so rowdy one day my teacher put me outside for 15 minutes because I was the only one reading my book. I’ve always think back about this moment, one because of all those bad ass kids would make anyone insane. But also as a reference point that I was doing what I was suppose to do. You know prize goes to the victor. That has always been a reminder that I just need to believe in myself and that in the face of every distraction that we all have the power to focus on what we want.

Positive Inspirational Quote From Fortune Cookie
Credit: Cassandra Rae

Dating. Knowing that you are special, first you need to believe in yourself. We rely on validation from the people we are attracted to. I am still working on this. Love to me is the most powerful emotions produced in humans. It can make you feel like on top of the world or it make you go crazy. 

Seeking approval or wanting people to like what we do is ingrained in us. But you need not their approval to achieve your goals. What happens when your don’t receive the support you were hoping for?

Through the journey of starting my own organization, navigating through the minefield of relationships, seeing family go through illness, and trying to maintain a sense of identity I’ve learned a few things, golden insight.

In actuality we have more of a support system than we think. My point in this article is believe in yourself first. The support from others will come… or maybe won’t. Either way, go out there and fuck it up.

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Work On Your Posture For the New Year

Skeleton with bad posture

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We’ve become lazy. Our lifestyles have changed and now we are paying the price with our posture. Drooping neck, shoulders rolled forward, too much standing, too much sitting. I mean this applies to everyone of you reading this and the person next to you… or the first person that pops into your head. It’s not hard to find bad posture and I’m constantly working on it myself. What to do, oh, what, to, do. I enjoy a little drama.

So along with your weight loss regimen and your workout regimen, add in a posture regimen. It’s the cherry on top and it’ll make you feel great. In addition I’ve always been a fan of practicing good posture when working out and not overworking any specific body part. Stretching helps to relax muscles and realign the bones. It helps the qi to flow. It helps to balance the pull between the muscles. It makes you feel good, perhaps even joyful. The benefits of elongating the muscles, amazing.

Picture from the book "The posture of school children, with its home hygiene and new efficiency methods for school training"
Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Focus on your Center

Yoga… ’nuff said. If you practice it then keep going. If you don’t then start.

Tai chi helps to improve posture. It is one of the first lessons we cover when I teach. My teachers were very strict on the subject because bad posture ruins your form and disrupts your energy. It prevents you from generating the full power that you’re capable of.

Breath from your center, activate what is known as the lower dan tian, which is located about an inch and a half below your belly button. To be more accurate it’s actually located 1.5 cun below, and a cun is a unit of measurement used in Traditional Chinese medicine to measure the distance of acupuncture points. Geez so we can get deep into the subject, but back on the topic of the lower abdomen, this area can be focused upon with your attention and breath. Practice deep breathing to this area and try to bring your thoughts and focus to this area as well. You will notices within 30 seconds you will begin to feel more relaxed and focused. Don’t forget to relax your shoulders.

Get Off The Computer, Go Walk!

’nuff said. Also walking is a great time to practice great posture. Muscles may feel sore at first but it’s because the right postural muscles need time to build up. Eventually they learn muahahahah…

Ask A Professional On Posture:

Expert advice? I asked two of my colleagues who work with me, Dr. Rommil Fernandez, D.C. and Dr. Bruce Householder, D.C. for some insight into the importance of good posture.

Dr. Fernandez stresses the importance of good posture and says that spinal alignment helps to keep the nerves free from being irritated. He also dislikes a certain position of sitting which he calls the “wilted and defeated” position, with shoulders slumped forward and neck flexed down.

Man sitting with bad posture.

Dr. Bruce says that compression of the spinal nerve, especially when seated, can lead to DJD, or Degenerative Joint Disease.

Chiropractic care can help to deal with subluxations which are misaligned vertebrae. Massage therapy can help to muscles to relax and decrease tension. Acupuncturist can tailor treatments and advise of ways to improve posture. The key is to seek treatment and understand it takes time.

Hope this helps keeps your energy flowing throughout the year.


Dr. Rommil Fernandez D.C.
Dr. Bruce Householder, D.C.
730 N. Mariposa St. Suite 101
Burbank, Ca 91702

10 best stretches for better flexibility

The real cause of plantar fasciitis

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Insights and Motivation For 2016

New Years eve celebrations

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My thoughts and insights from this year going on to 2016. Just a list of ideas that I personally will keep in mind for motivation into the new year. I hope it helps.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Get the body in shape and the mind will follow is how the phrase goes. This year is my focus back to bringing my mind/body health into full swing. Reinvigorate my interest in myself, my health, learning, promoting health, and becoming the best vehicle for the mind and spirit to express it’s will on this physical plane.

Making sure I’m putting in to practice what I preach. Reviewing my books, my notes, and setting new goals. Being realistic on what works and what doesn’t.

Enjoy the fresh air in the mountains. Hiking. Improve my lung function and breathing capacity. Processed foods out the window. Don’t just eliminate, find better substitutions!

Continue Working On The Dream

Les Brown said it best that in the cemetery you find millions of dreams and goals that never were set in motion, dreams that were laid to rest and buried. Regrets. Experiences that were waiting in the corner to be lived.

So this year I continue to work towards the dream and continue to express one of our natural mother nature given talents, which is the ability to create.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
Maya Angelou

Avoid the Negative Mainstream Media As Much As Possible

With this year coming up being an election year emotions are on high and the general energy makes the air become tense. So this year my goal is to ignore the issues that don’t have an impact and focus on those that will help those around my and my community. Avoid the pitting of one side vs. another.

Sam Crowly said it best, it’s a hard pill to swallow but the only person who will care most about your life is you. Nobody likes a complainer so good luck complaining. You want something done get it done. Work with the right people. This year represents shaking off anyone who isn’t on board and finding those who will help to develop your talents.

Trust My Instinct, I know I’m Right

This year I’m putting more faith into my intuition. That voice that distinguishes proper from the improper, the solution to “should I go or should I leave”, the answer I always knew was right. Of course you can’t be perfect, as in a situation when you went left when you should’a went right. However, brush it off and keep going. You know where to go.

When you go to college you begin to open your mind to the world of diversity and opportunity. When you graduate and go into the real world sometimes yours true nature is warped by expectations from work, family, society, and personal goals. You want to change the world but then the world changes you. Now I’m back to wanting to change the world by just being myself. Positive. Happy. Determined. Intelligent.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a person changes their own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards them….We need not wait to see what others do.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Continue To Grow

  • Get back to my old self
  • Train myself to stay focus during any situation
  • Make amends with the past. Forgive the mistakes of myself and others and move forward.
  • Dive deeper into the arts, Martial…
  • What are your goals for the upcoming year?
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Throw Salt On The Haters, Find Your Allies (M)

Picture of sign saying Stop Hating

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Rated (M) for mature. This post contains foul language.

I write this through personal experience. I am aware there are many other individuals who have experienced situations far worse than mine or anything else imaginable. However, my goal is to give my insight and hopefully it may help you to realize that you are stronger than you believe. Whether it’s from the angle of “This person knows where I’m coming from” or “I’ve been through 10 times tougher situations than this guy”, I hope this article helps.

You know, it’s not easy to be yourself and openly express who you are. Many people are faced with ridicule, rejection, dismissive responses, humiliation, lost relationships, opportunities for advancement, and many other awful negative attitudes and actions that come with being who you are. Worse of all, we can receive this backlash from the people closes in our lives, whether it is from family, friends, or co-workers. Yes, they can do and say things that can pierce the soul and damage our perspective on human nature.

I can’t write this through the eyes of a female or someone who is gay because I am neither and wouldn’t dare suggest to know the first thing about the struggle experienced from that standpoint. Nor could I write this through the eyes of they immigrant experience because that is not my experience. I am writing this through the eyes of a single American male of Haitian descent with a desire to the improve lives of everyone on this planet.

What do you do when someone doesn’t respect who you are? Whether it’s financial status, occupation, relationship status, sexual preference, ethnicity, types of shoes you wear, or a whole list of other aspects of your personality or lifestyle that doesn’t coincide with someone else’s expectations?

Pain, Love, HurtWhat do you do when someone convinces a group of people to form a certain opinion about you?

What do you do when someone wants to bully their opinion into the six inches between your ears, aka your mind?

I say fuck em…… Fuck em, Fuck em. Not like you wish malice upon them or misfortune, more like “hey, if they’re not with me then fuck em, have a nice life.”

If they eventually change to become a supporter rather than someone who is purposely trying to drag you down then great, you become an ally.

If you have good intentions, and trying to live your life the best you can which still doesn’t please someone else? Fuck em.

It’s not easy to do. They may be in a position of power or authority, or just be someone that you hold in hi-regards (mother, father, your boss). Some people lose everything they have just to stand up for who they are or what they believe in.

You don’t have to say it in their face, just start the process shifting towards that attitude and the rest will follow.

The sooner you disregard people who do not have your best interest in mind, the quicker you will find those who support you, your dreams, your lifestyle, and just you. I call these people allies. In the end, they will become family.

Stop hanging out with people who don’t care about you. Stop it right now. Something better is just around the corner.

I’ve learned this from personal experience. You’re too black, wait you’re not black enough. Why can’t you be like ______ (fill in the blank, you know the comparison game). What are you studying again? You don’t play basketball? Oh, you know about that kind of stuff? Please know this list can go on, and on, and on. You have you list of things people have said that you can’t do, or can’t be, or have physically and mentally have tried to drill in you. I know you have your list. Throw it away. Fuck em. Go live a happy life.

Yes I like rap and hip hop, preferably underground. Also throw on some Red Hot Chili Peppers and some Social D (Social Distortion for those wondering… Story of my liiiffffeeee, great song). Do you have a problem with that? Too bad, go fuck yourself.

Whether it was from not meeting someones expectations or just walking into a room and showing my face. People judge and try to control, it’s just part of the game. Be smarter than the game.

Do I judge people or things? Yes. I think it’s part of nature. Looks like a bear, I assume that’s a bear. Am I aware of it? Yes. Am I working to becoming a better and more understanding individual? Yes. Really that’s all you can ask for from anyone. Help them to learn, evolve, and become better.

Sorry for using the F word so many times, but sometimes it feels great and get’s the point across.

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Things You Learn As a Ride-Share Driver In LA

Uber Driving Experience Lyft Ride Sharing Driver

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So I decided to join two ride sharing companies who shall remain nameless for the sake of “privacy” as driver to earn side income and relieve some of the stress of running a my practice.

I live a very interesting life, muhaHAHAa! No really, I do.

You learn a couple of things:

“I’ve already gathered 30 million in investments.”

“Hey why wait for some guy when there are 20,000 dicks around?”  (Trrying to recieve advice with a past lady friend)

“Man it’s crazy I have blood on my shirt.”

“Bro, where are my buttons? The buttons on my shirt are missing.”


“I’m on my way to a threesome.”

“Man, things have changed”

“I Remember when downtown used to be a shit hole.”

“My good friend died two days ago.”

“L.A. is the place to be.”

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So This Is Not Family Driving Music

Man and woman posing for sexy photo shoot

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I’m not hip.  I don’t know that latest fads or support athletes and musicians who beat their girlfriends and ended being heart throbs three months later. No no, I plugged out a while ago. I spend my time building up my career and trying to be a positive member of society while achieving my life purpose doing what nature sent me here to do.  Am I perfect? Of course not, but I try to do my best. Really try, not just look good for right now try. As far as being a parent?Know nothing of it not even the first thing. But then I wonder is it just me or are things just a bit skewed in how we develop under this pop culture society?

I was recently in a situation where I was escorting a parent and their children to school one morning and I was asked about the source of my music playing. I thought she may have been implying that the being played was too provocative for the children in the car. It was a 1980’s hits collection. Aerosmith. A-ha.  The Clash. Run DMC. I don’t remember what I was playing at the time but I know it wasn’t some of that bow-chicka-wow-wow type stuff but was to mature for children under 10,  knowha’I’msayin?  Ok now I remember, “All Night Long” from Lionel Richie. I thought to myself what the hell am I playing? Play something more family oriented. Gary Numan, “Cars”. Bam. Crusin’ music.

But then the regular FM radio was requested and I obliged and we got into the middle of a song on a popular rap station in LA and that’s what the parent wanted to listen. Ass shakin shit. Not tasteful ass shakin music, but that “don’t tell your mama where you’re at” type shit. Then the morning female radio host comes on talking about some tv shows with threesomes and getting drunk and more threesomes. Really? Three kids in the car and you chose this

I’m not religious, I follow more of a doaist philosophy and seek to understand people from all faiths. I always try to radiate positive energy even when feeling below the weather. I do lean to the left on politics but I also think there should be some balance in opposing views. Not married, no kids, just enjoying my family, friends, my community, and live life to the fullest. Oh and an occasional Vegas trip for memories and pretty much the best time of my life.

Do I enjoy mainstream music? Sure I enjoy going to clubs, dancing, getting Nitty and gritty. Parties? Been there, done that. Getting krunk? Call me. But it doesn’t mean I support kids doing the same thing. Growing up in the 90’s we were products of skillful marketing and branding. The “kids today” didn’t just become crazier then when “we were their age”, they were crazy back then too.

To each their own and you can decided what is appropriate for your ears or your family’s listening pleasure. If you want your 9 year old hearing about all the “smashing” and threesomes going then be my guess. Garbage in equals garbage out. Once again, while partying in Cancun? Hell yes. During family time? Probably not.

We don’t need prayer back in schools. We don’t need this to be a reason for the decency police to step in and regulate everything we do. But some insight could help with understanding what is affecting you and those around you.

Just my two cents.


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Your Vitality: Keep It

Photo of a healthy man in the Sun

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When you think of the word “Vitality”, what comes to mind?

Perfect health? Long life? A feeling of vibrancy and vigor?

What are some indicators that we are not at our best? How can we keep this incredible organic machine to keep pumping and pushing?

Feelings of anger, resentment, stiffness, pain, discomfort, and de-motivation are not precursors to improving vitality.

Joy, happiness, excellent flexibility, unremarkable respiratory functioning (just our ability to breath in and out clean air), and a state of relaxation throughout the day can be positive promoters of great vitality.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we look at all symptoms as dysfunction occurring within the body, despite the severity. A sneeze can be a sign of imbalance within the body that there is an imbalance between organs.

For instance, I see many cases of low back pain in association with knee pain in clinical practice. In TCM low back pain and knee pain are associated with what is termed as “Kidney Qi” deficiency”.  This is not to be taken literally in terms of your kidneys from a bio-medicine perspective, but rather as part of a set of symptoms associated with depletion of the energy which is associated with vitality, growth, and longevity. Essence, an energy which is stored in the kidneys, is responsible for proper child development and premature aging. The more essence we can store, the better our health will be in long run.

Osteoarthritis of the joints, chronic tendinitis, or ligaments weakening can all be signs of our decreasing vitality from my experience.

This is something I deal with in the clinic and has become an area of interest. A patient comes in with shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, ankle and wrist pain. Are needles inserted in every area affected? No. We go to the root of the problem which has a physical and emotional component. Everyone is different but in a way all the same.

How can we improve our vitality?

Nutrition. Meditation. Stretching. Relaxation. Seeing a healing practitioner. Being with nature. Loving your life and respecting people. Letting go of resentment. Mastering your breathing. Study. Cut out the crap.

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My First Pair Of Cool Shoes

Image for Stories about shoes

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I don’t remember it being a specific day, or year for that matter, that I deviated from the mainstream. Not that I am saying that I don’t watch the news, or that I don’t enjoy a good hit song when it becomes a craze, but sometimes I ask myself when did I unplug out?

Maybe it was when I had my first pair of Nikes worth $90 – $100 in the 2nd grade? Air Jordans to be exact even though I don’t remember the series. I never received so many “are those the new…” and “look at that guy’s shoes!” I think it lasted for about a week. My mother had worked hard to provide this type of lifestyle for my siblings and I, coming to the US from Haiti. She took on the brunt of providing for the family, working everyday to taking care of the bills and the household. When we were doing well financially around 1988 we were able to get acquire many things such as an Atari, a Nintendo, and even more cool toys.

But then the recession hit, and the money dried up, and the cool stuff stopped coming.

Somehow I became fatter during this time but that’s a story for a later date.

So as time passed I began wearing non-major branded shoes which to this day still I do. Did I feel less empowered when I wore less expensive shoes growing up? Not at all. I guess being a bit mature for my age I decided that I didn’t need expensive pairs of shoes to get by. I was happy with a $20 pair of van knockoffs. It made mom happy because she could save on school clothes. Also the money saved could by shoes for other people who couldn’t afford shoes all around the world. Was it wrong for my to think in this manner?

Maybe my personal views changed as I realized that growing up we’re taught more to “fit in” than to be fiscally responsible and invest our money. Maybe seeing families over the years struggling to survive financially and emotionally helped me to realize what counts?

Do I own an expensive pair of shoes? Dress shoes that cost more than $20? Yes I do. But for the quality and craftsmanship the price is worth paying.

But I can always recollect back to being the kid with the “cool shoes”.

If you would like to support brands made in the US try New Balance.

Photo Credit: “MG 1995++ copie” by FaguoOwn work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.