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Politics: Progressive Views From An LA Dude

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What is wrong with the world today? Why is there such a push against immigrants? All the people I compete with speak only english, or english and another language which makes it even more competitive. But the best person should get the job right? Go somewhere where your skills are needed or learn something new. If it’s not helping humanity become healthier, safer, or help us spend less on gas, then sorry you need to rethink your skill set.

Evolution speaks volumes. If a line work is diminishing for a new industry or technology, either learn the new skill and adapt or face extinction. In America you can educate yourself and elevate yourself. Easier said than done, I know. But people forget of something called a junior college that was created to help people in the community obtain college level courses. Yes there is money involved, and yes there is a time commitment to learning, but are you too busy to put in the time to improve your life?

I’ve noticed the country get in an uproar since the crash of 2008. Since the financial and economic sanity of this country took a hit it brought in a wave of hatred. Listen, when money is not coming in, the inner animal and fear comes out. Racial tolerance decreases, domestic violence increase, violent acts and robberies increase, and the rest goes on.

I believe in equality for everyone, doesn’t matter race, gender, or sexual preference. My woman bosses have been the best respected even higher than their male counter parts. Not a diss against us dudes, but you have to give credit where credit is due. If you experience fear or feel uncomfortable around people who are not like you, then the solution is simple. It’s not easy to accept everyone overnight, I know. But you can begin the process just be getting to know people. Then you will see that we are all humans with different experiences and different tolerances and that is A-OK.

The U.S. is not a one religion nation. It is a country with the choice given to every individual to choose their own religion and faith so long as it does not promote hate and violence. What’s my faith? Well, I follow more along the lines of the Daoist way of life but also integrate philosophies from confucious, aristoltle, and many past philosophers. New age philosophy of Wayne dyer, Louise Hay, even Helen Keller. You can learn so much in life from people who have blasted through adversity and reached success in whatever facet of life important to them. That’s what I’m all about. Hey, you’re part of an organized religion that’s been around for thousands of years, fantastic.  I respect your beliefs and wish you the best.

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10 Things To Do Before The Political Uproar Gets You Down

USA Political Words

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I wanted to stay away from the issue of politics but it has been hard not to show some kind of concern for our political state.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the current administration, there are many issues up for debate and people on both sides of the coin. In America everyone has a right to a view point and the right to discuss like civilized individuals instead of shouting and fighting like brutes, I think 😐 …But you need to be in the right state of mind to discuss your viewpoint without losing poise. So here is a checklist for things that you can do before jumping into the political upheaval and running around in an uproar.

  1. Did you workout?
    Man working out playing basketball
    Can you believe it? They called me crazy!

    Easy question. Did I workout today? Yes. Picked up some 10 lbs dumb bells and lifted them over my head. Very light start just to get me ready for my lunch time workout. I’m back into my tai chi practice. Anger is energy and needs to be put to use in some way shape or form. The evidence between mood and exercise is mounting and evident so don’t just brush it under the rug. With healthcare on the fritz it seems like the more you can do to take care of yourself, the better.

  2. Did you save any money or pay off a bill today?
    Saving Money, One Dollar
    Every dollar counts…except this one in the picture. It isn’t real.

    Who doesn’t have money problems? The range of what we experience may be different, but one thing remains the same: If you ignore your finances eventually you’ll be in a situation where it’s the only thing on your mind. President Who??? It’s important to save for a rainy day. Because a rainy day could turn into a rainy week, or month, or even years. The Congressional Budget Office just release a report stating that the national debt is going to be 150% of the GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. What does that mean? Um.. not good, not good at all. Ultimately, as I’m becoming wiser I coming into the realization that I can take hold of my future financial security by planning ahead and learning from my past money mistakes. Have you ever read The Millionaire Next Door?

  3. I have Time.
    I Quiet.
    I Meditate.

    Relax, that is not a tree, you are the tree, said the wise one…

  4. Begin identifying Job skills that will be needed in 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years. Where do you want to be 5, 10, 20 years from now?
    Either adapt or get left behind with the smoke...
    I’m evolving by the minute…Muahahaha!

  5. Are you up to date on your blood work? Any lingering health concerns? You should have healthcare coverage, use it!

  6. Mathboard, arithmatics
    Sharpen your skills and they will sharpen you! Chop Chop!

    Enroll in a history class, a political science class, a math class! I’m going to enroll in community college to strengthen my mathematical base and biological sciences. What ever happened to the concept of becoming a better person? Of growing not just because the immediate opportunity was there, but because you knew it would lead you to becoming more valuable in the world period, in all angles?

  7. Go Volunteer! Now is a great time to put your time and energy into causes that you support.
    Hands Volunteer
    We need hands! All shapes, sizes and colors!

  8. Have you cleaned up your room yet? Have a clean car? What about the laundry. Clean your house, clean your life!
    Yeah um.. The maid just quit.

  9. Spend time with people. Spend time with your immediate family and enjoy the times together. Spend time with friends and exchange thoughts and ideas. Go meet people from all backgrounds and try to gain as much wisdom as you can.
    A Family of Owls
    Whoooo is this family?

  10. Put your anger to action. Build a community organization. Start working on the formulation of that product you’ve been thinking about.Political change requires action!

What is the premise to take away from this? Take care of your own backyard and it will make you stronger. You’ll find answers, you’ll find connections, you’ll find a way to solve your problems and the rest of our problems rationally.

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Growing Insights As We Move Forward to a New Year

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So we are coming up to 2017, huh? I don’t know what inspired me to write, probably all the amazing thoughts that accelerate through my head daily, but this year has been a crazy one! Are you up or down? Who won, who lost? Is next year going to go bad or be great?

I must admit I’ve tried to keep under the radar with all the political and emotional commotion in society, but rather than avoiding the problem and doing nothing, which is impossible because you as the observer are a participant in every aspect of life, I find myself developing my core philosophies and boundaries of what I stand for and how I would like to exemplify the characteristics of a smart, confident, loving, aware, hardworking conscious human being. I am not a member of any major religious organization but respect all faiths. I learn from every part of nature that I can and use the knowledge to benefit all those around me.

On this website, reading experience, place of knowledge, growth, compassion, wisdom, empathy, and enlightenment, it will be a place for relax discussion, insight, and connecting with like minds.

Peace of Mind. Feeling relaxed. Feeling confident. Greeting others with a smile that says have a great. Equality.

These are all qualities we can achieve, and if you don’t get it right on the first time don’t worry, just keep practicing. I am. Far from perfect.

Being fiscally responsible. Learning how to save and grow. Feeling confident about your security. Teaching others the same.

Stopping the blame game. Knowing that good things are developing for the enhancement of civilization. There have always been individuals who help to provide humanity with better ways of living and enjoying the earth. Thank you.


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Past, Present, and Future: Interview with Jeroen De Wit, Quantum Healer

Quantum healer in Los angeles

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Quantum Healing Reiki MeditationI had the privilege to sit down and speak with a friend of mine Jeroen De Wit (Pronounced “Ya – Roon”) who is a practitioner of QHHT, or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and Reiki, a Japanese technique to promote healing and unblock energy in the body. During our meeting we had a chance to discuss Jeroen’s background as well as experience in the field. Jeroen has a master degree of spirituality and psychology from the University of Santa Monica and works with individuals to help transform their life and improve in many different aspects. Jeroen is very dedicated to his art and giving the best.

Carlo: Hi Jeroen can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Jeroen: Originally I’m from the Netherlands. As a kid I’ve always had a sense for the magical, the unseen. A book from The Monroe institute about out-of-body experiences sparked my fire and resonated with my thoughts about physical reality. Born in the early seventies, I was always looking at how to improve the world. There were immature people running the show and always wanted to make a difference.

Carlo: What about any important life changing experiences?

Jeroen: In 2006 things changed when I met and trained under Dolores Cannon. She was a big inspiration into my development and personal empowerment.

Carlo: Can you tell us about some of your successes with your clients as a practitioner?

Jeroen: Yes. I’ve worked with women with fertility issues. In some cases where there was no period. Physical ailments, benign tumors, low back pain. Some people feel like their life becomes unstuck. It depends on the person but those with the will to become healthier will.

Carlo: What can you say about lifestyle in the role of healing?

Jeroen: Lifestyle plays an important role in healing. There are no magic pills that we sometimes expect. People need to take care of themselves. I facilitate a connection for folks to their higher self.

Carlo: Interesting, then what are your thoughts on the role of nutrition on the journey to wellness?

Jeroen: Listen to your body. Stay away from GMO’s, go for fresh foods and avoid the processed things. Your body is your vehicle on this planet. If you allow it to shut down, you’ll have less defenses to protect you.

I am a vegan because I believe in not doing any harm. Animals are killed and tortured just to put meat on the table. The sustainability aspect and the resources involved for meat consumption are impractical.

Carlo: So where do you practice?

Jeroen: I practice in Eagle Rock and at a pa around the Silver Lake area as well as do out calls for people who are immobile or can’t travel far, such as hospice care, elder groups, etc.

LA is fertile ground for this type of lifestyle, to know that this is not just “crazy talk”.


Carlo: LA is a great place and the energy here is great. How long do your sessions last generally?

Jeroen: About 4 – 5 hours for a quantum hypnosis healing session. Energy healing takes about an hour. Meditation is an hour to one and a half hours.

Carlo: Any thoughts on what’s going on in the world, politics?

Jeroen: None of the political candidates represent the image above, so I’d rather support grassroots organizations. Because a no vote is a vote for trump I’d vote for Hillary.  The media plays a big role, and the wool has been pulled over our eyes for so long. I support people taking charge of healthy food production.

Carlo: Any projects that you are working on?

Jeroen: I’m working with an organization called healthy is the new skinny, helping women focusing not on just the body but other aspects and goals to achieving health.

Carlo: What message do you have for the world?

Jeroen: Despite all the madness out here there is hope. The harmonics of human consciousness are changing. The old Paradigms are breaking down but a loving new structure is growing. There is so much help out there to support us on the physical plane.

You can contact Jeroen via his website:

Jeroen de Wit, MA Spiritual Psychology
Past Life Therapy * Energy Healing & Life Coaching * Meditation


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The Power of Rest and Relaxation

A Picture of people resting and relaxaing at a resort

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I actually learned this life lesson rest from a friend of mine.

An instructor was scheduled to teach classes in the afternoon. This person was asked to come in earlier to teach a class or at least make a presence around the studio. The instructor denied the request. The reason? It’s simple. The instructor needed to rest so that they could give 100% of their energy for the afternoon classes.

Simple concept, wouldn’t you know. However, in this fast paced,keep up with the Jone’s or face social chastising and isolation type society we have today, the idea of slowing down or taking a step back to rest seem unfathomable, especially during the day! But if it is the key to success, then why isn’t it practiced daily?

You Live and Learn

That was the problem I had. I got caught up in the grind and kept spinning my wheels. “Hit the pavement hard, keep going, you’re almost there you can rest then.” That’s the drive hard successful business model, isn’t it? I didn’t understand the concept that you create your best work when you are well rested and happy. Now I do.

You project a positive vibe around people when you are well rested and happy.

Problems seem to work themselves out better (Yes, lack of money problems too.) when you are well rested and happy.

We have convinced ourselfs that the answer is to do more when the answer is to do your best. How can you do your best if you’re overworked and tired. That’s when I got it.

Rest Can Change Your Life

This is how my days used to sound like when I was overworked and under-rested:

“Yeah, it was good. You know, just worked on stuff.”

Now they sound like this:

“Had a few things on my plate but it was great! Let’s see, first I…”

I actually enjoy talking about my days, and I enjoy hearing about partner’s as well. It’s not only being able to enjoy the end of the day, but the entire day.

You don’t have to go to the Bahamas to recharge:

Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Enjoy the morning.

Take an hour break at the park.

Take a 45minute to 1 hour nap. If you need more than that maybe you should work on your sleeping patterns at night.



Bring back the power of connection. Bring back the power of actually feeling something worthwhile. Bring back the joy you used to have in life.

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Throw Salt On The Haters, Find Your Allies (M)

Picture of sign saying Stop Hating

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Rated (M) for mature. This post contains foul language.

I write this through personal experience. I am aware there are many other individuals who have experienced situations far worse than mine or anything else imaginable. However, my goal is to give my insight and hopefully it may help you to realize that you are stronger than you believe. Whether it’s from the angle of “This person knows where I’m coming from” or “I’ve been through 10 times tougher situations than this guy”, I hope this article helps.

You know, it’s not easy to be yourself and openly express who you are. Many people are faced with ridicule, rejection, dismissive responses, humiliation, lost relationships, opportunities for advancement, and many other awful negative attitudes and actions that come with being who you are. Worse of all, we can receive this backlash from the people closes in our lives, whether it is from family, friends, or co-workers. Yes, they can do and say things that can pierce the soul and damage our perspective on human nature.

I can’t write this through the eyes of a female or someone who is gay because I am neither and wouldn’t dare suggest to know the first thing about the struggle experienced from that standpoint. Nor could I write this through the eyes of they immigrant experience because that is not my experience. I am writing this through the eyes of a single American male of Haitian descent with a desire to the improve lives of everyone on this planet.

What do you do when someone doesn’t respect who you are? Whether it’s financial status, occupation, relationship status, sexual preference, ethnicity, types of shoes you wear, or a whole list of other aspects of your personality or lifestyle that doesn’t coincide with someone else’s expectations?

Pain, Love, HurtWhat do you do when someone convinces a group of people to form a certain opinion about you?

What do you do when someone wants to bully their opinion into the six inches between your ears, aka your mind?

I say fuck em…… Fuck em, Fuck em. Not like you wish malice upon them or misfortune, more like “hey, if they’re not with me then fuck em, have a nice life.”

If they eventually change to become a supporter rather than someone who is purposely trying to drag you down then great, you become an ally.

If you have good intentions, and trying to live your life the best you can which still doesn’t please someone else? Fuck em.

It’s not easy to do. They may be in a position of power or authority, or just be someone that you hold in hi-regards (mother, father, your boss). Some people lose everything they have just to stand up for who they are or what they believe in.

You don’t have to say it in their face, just start the process shifting towards that attitude and the rest will follow.

The sooner you disregard people who do not have your best interest in mind, the quicker you will find those who support you, your dreams, your lifestyle, and just you. I call these people allies. In the end, they will become family.

Stop hanging out with people who don’t care about you. Stop it right now. Something better is just around the corner.

I’ve learned this from personal experience. You’re too black, wait you’re not black enough. Why can’t you be like ______ (fill in the blank, you know the comparison game). What are you studying again? You don’t play basketball? Oh, you know about that kind of stuff? Please know this list can go on, and on, and on. You have you list of things people have said that you can’t do, or can’t be, or have physically and mentally have tried to drill in you. I know you have your list. Throw it away. Fuck em. Go live a happy life.

Yes I like rap and hip hop, preferably underground. Also throw on some Red Hot Chili Peppers and some Social D (Social Distortion for those wondering… Story of my liiiffffeeee, great song). Do you have a problem with that? Too bad, go fuck yourself.

Whether it was from not meeting someones expectations or just walking into a room and showing my face. People judge and try to control, it’s just part of the game. Be smarter than the game.

Do I judge people or things? Yes. I think it’s part of nature. Looks like a bear, I assume that’s a bear. Am I aware of it? Yes. Am I working to becoming a better and more understanding individual? Yes. Really that’s all you can ask for from anyone. Help them to learn, evolve, and become better.

Sorry for using the F word so many times, but sometimes it feels great and get’s the point across.

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Things You Learn As a Ride-Share Driver In LA

Uber Driving Experience Lyft Ride Sharing Driver

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So I decided to join two ride sharing companies who shall remain nameless for the sake of “privacy” as driver to earn side income and relieve some of the stress of running a my practice.

I live a very interesting life, muhaHAHAa! No really, I do.

You learn a couple of things:

“I’ve already gathered 30 million in investments.”

“Hey why wait for some guy when there are 20,000 dicks around?”  (Trrying to recieve advice with a past lady friend)

“Man it’s crazy I have blood on my shirt.”

“Bro, where are my buttons? The buttons on my shirt are missing.”


“I’m on my way to a threesome.”

“Man, things have changed”

“I Remember when downtown used to be a shit hole.”

“My good friend died two days ago.”

“L.A. is the place to be.”

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So This Is Not Family Driving Music

Man and woman posing for sexy photo shoot

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I’m not hip.  I don’t know that latest fads or support athletes and musicians who beat their girlfriends and ended being heart throbs three months later. No no, I plugged out a while ago. I spend my time building up my career and trying to be a positive member of society while achieving my life purpose doing what nature sent me here to do.  Am I perfect? Of course not, but I try to do my best. Really try, not just look good for right now try. As far as being a parent?Know nothing of it not even the first thing. But then I wonder is it just me or are things just a bit skewed in how we develop under this pop culture society?

I was recently in a situation where I was escorting a parent and their children to school one morning and I was asked about the source of my music playing. I thought she may have been implying that the being played was too provocative for the children in the car. It was a 1980’s hits collection. Aerosmith. A-ha.  The Clash. Run DMC. I don’t remember what I was playing at the time but I know it wasn’t some of that bow-chicka-wow-wow type stuff but was to mature for children under 10,  knowha’I’msayin?  Ok now I remember, “All Night Long” from Lionel Richie. I thought to myself what the hell am I playing? Play something more family oriented. Gary Numan, “Cars”. Bam. Crusin’ music.

But then the regular FM radio was requested and I obliged and we got into the middle of a song on a popular rap station in LA and that’s what the parent wanted to listen. Ass shakin shit. Not tasteful ass shakin music, but that “don’t tell your mama where you’re at” type shit. Then the morning female radio host comes on talking about some tv shows with threesomes and getting drunk and more threesomes. Really? Three kids in the car and you chose this

I’m not religious, I follow more of a doaist philosophy and seek to understand people from all faiths. I always try to radiate positive energy even when feeling below the weather. I do lean to the left on politics but I also think there should be some balance in opposing views. Not married, no kids, just enjoying my family, friends, my community, and live life to the fullest. Oh and an occasional Vegas trip for memories and pretty much the best time of my life.

Do I enjoy mainstream music? Sure I enjoy going to clubs, dancing, getting Nitty and gritty. Parties? Been there, done that. Getting krunk? Call me. But it doesn’t mean I support kids doing the same thing. Growing up in the 90’s we were products of skillful marketing and branding. The “kids today” didn’t just become crazier then when “we were their age”, they were crazy back then too.

To each their own and you can decided what is appropriate for your ears or your family’s listening pleasure. If you want your 9 year old hearing about all the “smashing” and threesomes going then be my guess. Garbage in equals garbage out. Once again, while partying in Cancun? Hell yes. During family time? Probably not.

We don’t need prayer back in schools. We don’t need this to be a reason for the decency police to step in and regulate everything we do. But some insight could help with understanding what is affecting you and those around you.

Just my two cents.