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Growing Insights As We Move Forward to a New Year

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So we are coming up to 2017, huh? I don’t know what inspired me to write, probably all the amazing thoughts that accelerate through my head daily, but this year has been a crazy one! Are you up or down? Who won, who lost? Is next year going to go bad or be great?

I must admit I’ve tried to keep under the radar with all the political and emotional commotion in society, but rather than avoiding the problem and doing nothing, which is impossible because you as the observer are a participant in every aspect of life, I find myself developing my core philosophies and boundaries of what I stand for and how I would like to exemplify the characteristics of a smart, confident, loving, aware, hardworking conscious human being. I am not a member of any major religious organization but respect all faiths. I learn from every part of nature that I can and use the knowledge to benefit all those around me.

On this website, reading experience, place of knowledge, growth, compassion, wisdom, empathy, and enlightenment, it will be a place for relax discussion, insight, and connecting with like minds.

Peace of Mind. Feeling relaxed. Feeling confident. Greeting others with a smile that says have a great. Equality.

These are all qualities we can achieve, and if you don’t get it right on the first time don’t worry, just keep practicing. I am. Far from perfect.

Being fiscally responsible. Learning how to save and grow. Feeling confident about your security. Teaching others the same.

Stopping the blame game. Knowing that good things are developing for the enhancement of civilization. There have always been individuals who help to provide humanity with better ways of living and enjoying the earth. Thank you.


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“The Question To Ask Is What Are You Becoming?”

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Gotta love Jim Rohn, yes I’m one of the many who has jumped on the Rohn bandwagon looking for pearls of wisdom to help along this journey. There’s a few views we may not see eye-to-eye (religious mainly but respect to each in their spiritual journey) but for the most part his wise words can be life changing. What are you becoming? I was becoming angry, bitter, upset, disappointed, outraged, and cluttered brained. I was losing dedication to the patients, to my clinic, to myself. But that phrase has the ability to put everything back in order.

The question on the the job is not what are you getting. No, the question on the job is what are you becoming?

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I Needed You To Believe In Me But Now I Believe In Myself (M)

Picture of Confident Boxman

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Before I needed approval. Mom, dad, siblings, friends. I needed social acceptance, I longed for connection from friends and a loving companion, and I found it.

Now I look for approval and acceptance in myself.

It is a long journey to get here and I’m still traveling, but very relieved that I started.

Where did it all stem from? Family pressure? Sociatal influence? Being pulled passed the tipping point only to survive and have time to reflect back? Seeing the greatness deserved slipped and taken away because of lack of confidence? Paa-lleeaassee.

Think about all the times you’ve stood out for doing what you were suppose to do or doing the right thing. Especially the times where there wasn’t an award or incentive, you just did it because you just wanted to do well.

I rememeber my sixth grade english class. I remember the class became so rowdy one day my teacher put me outside for 15 minutes because I was the only one reading my book. I’ve always think back about this moment, one because of all those bad ass kids would make anyone insane. But also as a reference point that I was doing what I was suppose to do. You know prize goes to the victor. That has always been a reminder that I just need to believe in myself and that in the face of every distraction that we all have the power to focus on what we want.

Positive Inspirational Quote From Fortune Cookie
Credit: Cassandra Rae

Dating. Knowing that you are special, first you need to believe in yourself. We rely on validation from the people we are attracted to. I am still working on this. Love to me is the most powerful emotions produced in humans. It can make you feel like on top of the world or it make you go crazy. 

Seeking approval or wanting people to like what we do is ingrained in us. But you need not their approval to achieve your goals. What happens when your don’t receive the support you were hoping for?

Through the journey of starting my own organization, navigating through the minefield of relationships, seeing family go through illness, and trying to maintain a sense of identity I’ve learned a few things, golden insight.

In actuality we have more of a support system than we think. My point in this article is believe in yourself first. The support from others will come… or maybe won’t. Either way, go out there and fuck it up.

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Insights and Motivation For 2016

New Years eve celebrations

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My thoughts and insights from this year going on to 2016. Just a list of ideas that I personally will keep in mind for motivation into the new year. I hope it helps.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Get the body in shape and the mind will follow is how the phrase goes. This year is my focus back to bringing my mind/body health into full swing. Reinvigorate my interest in myself, my health, learning, promoting health, and becoming the best vehicle for the mind and spirit to express it’s will on this physical plane.

Making sure I’m putting in to practice what I preach. Reviewing my books, my notes, and setting new goals. Being realistic on what works and what doesn’t.

Enjoy the fresh air in the mountains. Hiking. Improve my lung function and breathing capacity. Processed foods out the window. Don’t just eliminate, find better substitutions!

Continue Working On The Dream

Les Brown said it best that in the cemetery you find millions of dreams and goals that never were set in motion, dreams that were laid to rest and buried. Regrets. Experiences that were waiting in the corner to be lived.

So this year I continue to work towards the dream and continue to express one of our natural mother nature given talents, which is the ability to create.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
Maya Angelou

Avoid the Negative Mainstream Media As Much As Possible

With this year coming up being an election year emotions are on high and the general energy makes the air become tense. So this year my goal is to ignore the issues that don’t have an impact and focus on those that will help those around my and my community. Avoid the pitting of one side vs. another.

Sam Crowly said it best, it’s a hard pill to swallow but the only person who will care most about your life is you. Nobody likes a complainer so good luck complaining. You want something done get it done. Work with the right people. This year represents shaking off anyone who isn’t on board and finding those who will help to develop your talents.

Trust My Instinct, I know I’m Right

This year I’m putting more faith into my intuition. That voice that distinguishes proper from the improper, the solution to “should I go or should I leave”, the answer I always knew was right. Of course you can’t be perfect, as in a situation when you went left when you should’a went right. However, brush it off and keep going. You know where to go.

When you go to college you begin to open your mind to the world of diversity and opportunity. When you graduate and go into the real world sometimes yours true nature is warped by expectations from work, family, society, and personal goals. You want to change the world but then the world changes you. Now I’m back to wanting to change the world by just being myself. Positive. Happy. Determined. Intelligent.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a person changes their own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards them….We need not wait to see what others do.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Continue To Grow

  • Get back to my old self
  • Train myself to stay focus during any situation
  • Make amends with the past. Forgive the mistakes of myself and others and move forward.
  • Dive deeper into the arts, Martial…
  • What are your goals for the upcoming year?
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A Motivation Statement To Yourself

Motivation, Positivity

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Wake up! Hello! I know you are listening in there. Why are you beating yourself up? It wasn’t your fault. Maybe it was your fault. Did you learn from it? Yes? Then what is the problem?

Why am I beating myself up? I’m smart, caring, and people like me. I try my hardest in every task I agree to undertake. I am full of life and ready to become a vessel for nature to act upon.

Why do I need this motivation? Because everyone needs a reminder. It doesn’t hurt to have someone nudge your elbow and tell you that you’re great. That’s why you are reading this, to remind yourself that greatness pours out of you like the finest syrup out of the sweet maple tree. Yes, You are great.

How did I become such a great person? It was easy, I just believed in myself.