Tai Chi Stress Management for Employees

Employee wellness tai chi

Welcome to a new time of feeling great and gaining peace of mind. A time when stress is a very common reality for everyone in your organization. Help your employees learn how to minimize the effects of stress by taking care of their minds and bodies:
Tai Chi Employee Wellness Program
• Employees learn about the importance of mind body exercise and techniques.

• Employees learn techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises to better deal with stress.

• Improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

• Learn about holistic health from a licensed health care professional.

Tai Chi Worksite Employee WellnessWhat is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient exercise created in China and taught to help promote vitality and energy.  It is practiced by millions all over the world and studied for it’s ability to promote healing and reduce stress. Originally a style of martial art, it is used widely today for wellness and well-being as well as for self defense. Tai Chi helps promote good health and can help individuals live longer healthier lives.

Is Tai Chi Hard To Do?

Anyone can practice tai chi. From as young as five years old to retired persons. A person is only limited to how much they would like to practice.

Where Can you Practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere, and that is what makes it a great form of exercise of mind and body. Once the movements are learned and understood, individuals can practice the routine daily for optimal health.

To setup a Tai Chi wellness class at your organization please call 626-559-1275.